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September 27, 2016
  1. There are far less companies that work only with an internal public relations The business world of past decades typically had a group of PR workers on staff full, which took care of all, or nearly all public relations for the company. Even the largest businesses rarely used outside public relations firms, and in fact, in the past the public relations firms worked almost exclusively for private individuals, rather than companies. During the 80’s the world of commercial marketing began to transform into a brutally competitive environment in which companies couldn’t afford to rely on inside marketing and PR resources alone. Within just a few short years, many of the main media companies had become victims of hostile takeovers, resulting in a massive jump in marketing competition, as for the ability to successfully maintain a foothold in the share of media which had been reduced to the hands of a few powerful companies. Everything began to change in the way in which large companies began to see how marketing and public relations should be handled. One of the first major changes to mark the era was the opening of hundreds of new PR agencies that were built to work on PR for clients from the outside. In a matter of a few years there were hardly any large companies left in the country which didn’t rely partly or totally on the assistance from an outside PR firm. Later on still, many online PR companies began to appear which targeted more specific areas of PR, in sectors such as health and tech firms. Sites such as, have been fundamental in their ability to help cast a positive light on up and coming tech firms. Today most large companies still have PR directors within their agencies that lead the efforts of the outside help which the company relies upon, but the age of the internal, independent PR sector is all but gone today.
  2. PR firms tend to work only with one or two types of clients. Just as the need for PR agencies has become more pressing over the years, the type of PR firm that is needed has also become more specific. Food companies require the expertise of food and beverage PR agencies, while tech companies require B2B tech PR. Modern PR agencies won’t get hired unless they can show that they are not only excellent in PR matters, but that they have an intimate knowledge of a very exact type of PR. When a PR creates a company image for one type of company, it should undoubtedly be very different for that created by another company.
  3. Public relations has moved away from the typical commercial type ads, and moved into less transparent forms of PR representation. It was once totally common to see an ad on prime time TV praising the good works of some company. Today PR firms are more inclined to pay for spots in movies, or in music than to have such blatant ads running for their clients.


September 27, 2016

The first thing that happened when a company needs a PR agency these days is they will send their PR manager out to investigate and see which PR team is best for the company. Yes, even though most medium to large sized companies already have some form of PR working in their company, that doesn’t mean that they will not find themselves in need of a full time PR team. The person in charge of finding the new PR agency will usually use one of two channels. First off, online sites such as, offer a lot of companies the PR support they need, and they do it with little involvement from the central company that they represent. The other common channel through which a company PR scout may find the PR team they need is through recommendations. In the world of business, the word of mouth is a powerful tool for finding the right help for the job. PR agencies that have spent years making a name for themselves in the world of public relations are always finding new clients through their older clients that have gone on to sing their praises.

After a PR team has been hired to assist a company, the next step will be to identify any potential problems with a company’s image. Companies do not hire PR agencies exclusively because they have some existing problem with their public image, but in the case that there are any issues concerning the public’s perception of a company, the PR team can do a lot to help them make improve the way they are seen by potential buyers, as well as fellow company owners. If there is some existing problem with a company’s public image, the PR team will most likely begin some sort of campaign designed to draw the public’s attention away from any negative imagery a company may provoke. A PR tech firm will use a lot of online media, since that is where there clients central point of operation is held, and the media dispersed will probably focus on exact technological aspect of the company, instead of on human relations and other areas that companies outside of the tech industry may sometimes focus on. Campaigns aimed at winning back customer trust in the event that there has been some sort of falling out between the company and its clients will focus on positive aspects of the company’s operation, rather than the negative elements that have brought about the bad feelings. PR campaigns that are designed at winning over the public’s trust for a new company tend to focus on the potential that the company is going to bring to the table.

After a few months, PR agencies will execute self-evaluations in which they aim to determine how successful their campaigns have been. If the agency feels that they are moving in the right direction, they are likely to proceed as they are. In the event that no positive change has been made, the whole PR campaign might be dropped, and a new one planned out.

Capture the Essence of Your Company by Hiring a Public Relations Team

July 21, 2016

If you are looking for strategic messaging that captures the essence of your company and what you stand for in the market, Catapult can help you. They know the ins and outs of strategic marketing tactics and they will work hard to help you with the things that you will need to do to help you define your market category and articulate your company’s value proposition and industry positioning. When you stick with a PR Agency that know the business of PR relationships, you will come to understand the things that they can do to help you with your marketing positions. They understand the industry and they understand what needs to happen to improve relations and communication. Communication is key to the success or failure of a company. The PR people know how to use proven tactics to improve relationships and companies can get better by following these proven tactics. Those who struggle to get their message out there will want to visit with the company of Catapult. They are the best PR agency around and they have done their homework. PR Tech FirmThey know exactly what they need to do in order for your company to be successful with its relationships. Successful relationships mean successful companies.

Don’t hesitate to hire a PR agency to help you with your company relationships and with the other things that happen to companies when they may be misunderstood. You will want to have them interview you and get your views on the value and knowledge of your company. They will want to look into the industry and they will want to make the best of the knowledge to your advantage. When you work with other companies and they are competitors, you want to make sure that they knowledge that is out there about your company in correct and that it is not flawed. You can attend lectures that have been set up for you so that you can be understood and your product understood. You will love having the best tactics that can help you with changing the things that need to be changed. You will enjoy having people advise you that know what they are doing. You will also enjoy having your point of view explained by journalists and put in the papers that you need them to be in. Having a good journalist is key to having the best articles about your company written showing you in a light that explains your company the way that you want it to be portrayed.

Many times relationships can break down because of wrong information. If this is the case with your company, a good PR agency can help you get back on track so that your company is portrayed in a better light. Public relations are very important when it comes to how others think about your company. Having the best relationships possible is very important to the success of your company. If this is a problem, you will be advised to hire this great B2B Firm.

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